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5 Reasons Why Migos' "Versace" Video Is the Best Thing Ever

The Atlanta trio employ leopards, fencing and Donatella Versace to make this decadent ode to excess

Jason Newman  /  October 1, 2013


Atlanta trio Migos had an unlikely hit earlier this year with "Versace," their exuberant, buoyant paean to the upscale clothing line. It's only fitting that their video would also serve as a decadent ode to excess. The whole ridiculous thing is worth multiple viewings, but here are the five best things to whet your appetite:


1. The Leopard: There is a leopard walking down the palatial stairs of the mansion Migos presumably rented for the video. More importantly, there is a leopard on a leash being walked because Migos walks leopards like you walk your dog.


2. The Crowdsourced Shirt: We can sorta kinda forgive the blatant product placement for Bedloo, the site that lets other people vote on your favorite music and pics, since the group uses it to decide between two equally outlandish shirts.


3. The Twerkers: The group segue into their other hit "Hannah Montana" by having a group of women, clad all in white, twerk around them. Somehow, someway, the group make this appear joyful and not desperate.


4. The Fencing: Why have two girls fence behind you while you play the song's melody on an antique piano? Because you're motherf-ckin' Migos and why not?


5. The Cameo: There is sadly no Drake cameo, who rhymed over a remix of “Versace” and appropriated the group’s flow for Nothing Was the Same’s “The Language.” But check 3:23 for an appearance by Donatella Versace, lounging on the couch and enjoying her foray into hip hop lore.

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